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[ENG]Experimental Latin American Folk, Electronic Rock, profound lyrics - the unusual music of Mexican-born Jorge Hernandez sometimes invites you to dance, while in the next moment you sink into multi-layered melodies and sounds. Between electric guitar, accordion, violin and polyphonic voices, evocative electronic samples are mixed and create a powerful sound world.For more than 10 years, the musician and composer released under the project GlowStone Leaf Orchestra. 13 albums later, it was time for a new beginning: Since 2019, he has been composing and performing as Cenzontle - "400 voices", under which the double album "Constante" (2021) and "Erster Frühling" (2022) were released most recently. Jorge lives in Berlin and performs live with a five people band, equipped with a lot of musicality, creativity and sensitivity.[DEU]Experimenteller lateinamerikanischer Folk, elektronischer Rock, triefgreifende Lyrics – die ungewöhnliche Musik des gebürtigen Mexikaners Jorge Hernandez lädt mal zum Tanzen ein, im nächsten Moment versinkt man in vielschichten Melodien und Klängen. Zwischen E-Gitarre, Akkordeon, Geige und mehrstimmigem Gesang mischen sich eindringliche Elektronik-Samples, die eine beeindruckende Klangwelt schaffen.Über 10 Jahre hinweg veröffentlichte der Musiker und Komponist unter dem Projekt GlowStone Leaf Orchestra. 13 Alben später war es Zeit für einen Neuanfang: Seit 2019 komponiert und spielt er als Cenzontle – „400 voices“, worunter zuletzt das Doppelalbum „Constante“ (2021) und „Erster Frühling“ (2022) erschienen. Mittlerweile lebt Jorge in Berlin und tritt live mit einer 5-köpfigen Band auf, ausgestattet mit jeder Menge Musikalität, Kreativität und Feingefühl.

The band

Jorge Hernández
Top Left.
Kim Kong
Part London, part Lanzarote, she’s a Neuroscientist, Performance Artist,
Software Engineer, DJ and Musician. This ex-choir singer and pianist has joined Cenzontle’s ready to roll live set as a vocalist to bring her flair and frills to sounds that honor her latino heritage.
Lucie Nana
Born in Berlin, is a culture addict, travelling the world to see, feel, hear, taste and explore music and art. With her background in piano and choir she joined the 400 voices of Cenzontle as an enthusiastic akkordionista.
Leslie Fried
From Berlin. Schrammel-guitar autodidact from the age of 13 ’til today.
Likes to cover alternative folk songs and every few years she writes one herself. Sometimes she plays piano, too.


GlowStone Leaf Orchestra